The House of Golf Hawthorn Retail Lighting Solution

Lighting Design and Retail Lighting Solutions for The House of Golf Hawthorn

House of Golf is home to the world’s best golf brands where they have four retail stores across Melbourne. The new House of Golf Hawthorn East store underwent a significant refurbishment in October 2022 to revamp an old office space into a modern retail store with innovative display systems and an interactive store experience. Aglo were pleased to collaborate with the talented team at Associated Projects to design and supply the lighting arrangement of the entire space to create and deliver a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing retail solution.

As part of the lighting design concept, attention was given to the aesthetics of the store, highlighting brand bays, creating uniform light levels across the space and the green putting area at the centre. The changing joinery and shop arrangement were key factors that needed to be considered when creating the concept. Within the Entry Zone and for general lighting the lighting concept features Mondolux Siena Midi Dimmable Downlights and Mondolux Cosmos Highbays. Our lighting design team used a carefully considered combination of downlights and highbays for these areas to create visual comfort achieving a 700lx level. For the change rooms Mondolux Esen Eco Downlights were used due to their amazing anti-glare qualities with UGR<19. The brand bays utilised Mondolux Siena Midi Non-Dim Downlights and Taranto Wall Washer Downlights to effectively highlight brand signage achieving a 1500lx level. Mondolux Taranto Wall Washers were also used across the Shopfront windows to create accent lighting across the window displays achieving a 1000lx level. For the back of house within the storage areas Mondolux Sirius battens were used whereas for the office area Mondolux Lumo Panels were selected. Across the mezzanine floor where golf simulators are featured as part of the interactive experience, Mondolux Hartley and Venice Wall Washer Spotlights were used to successfully highlight club racks. The achieved colour temperate and CRI of the space was 4000K with CRI90 throughout.

An important quality in lighting a retail environment is to have great aiming to help create segregation in the store and make products easy to find. The back wall brand displays are well lit and with general lighting allows customers to feel comfortable within the store. The overall experience upon entering The House of Golf is welcoming – it is a brightly illuminated space, with no glare, which creates visual comfort and a great retail experience.


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