Commercial Lighting Supply

Multi Residential Developments

We work together with our client and property developer to supply lighting to multi-residential projects, balancing cost and design to achieve a stunning final aesthetic. Our Projects team has extensive experience across a wide range of multi-residential projects, ranging from large-scale apartment, budget and premium projects. Our diverse network of local and global suppliers enables Aglo Projects to tailor packages to any scale or budget.

Our Projects team multi-residential development process includes: 

  1. Establishing a Scope of Works: Our initial discussion with the client establishes the scope of the lighting package that is required and needs of the customer. We use this time to work with our clients to familiarise ourselves with the project, understand the client’s goals and expectations, and to establish a timeline. 
  2. Sourcing & Value Engineering: After establishing the project scope, we source suitable products to create the perfect lighting package – whether it be from our own Mondolux range, specially sourced project fittings or bespoke feature luminaires. We also have the opportunity to value engineer – looking at projects from a functional, installation, usability or price perspective to encourage innovation, reduce labour and installation costs, increase quality or technical performance. 
  3. Client Review, Sampling & Approvals: Once the lighting package is reviewed, we work with our clients to provide exactly what is required for approval – whether that be detailed technical submissions, such as luminaire photometric testing, extensive datasheets, detailed technical reports or physical samples for approval. 
  4. Testing & Compliance: For some projects, luminaire testing and demonstrating compliance can be a key step in the approval and value engineering process. Our Aglo Photometrics Lab has the ability to ensure luminaires supplied are all correctly specified to their designed light output, optic and light quality colour rendering index (CRI). 
  5. Supply & Delivery: As part of our project management services we coordinate the supply and delivery phase of the project. Our flexible, solutions-based approach, combined with our extensive experience, allows us to provide innovative and timely solutions to minimise project delay and additional cost. 
  6. Installation & Project Completion: We provide all installation documentation in preparation for project handover to end clients. Aglo Projects also offers additional after-sales services such as the commissioning of Casambi dimming systems, the aiming of spotlights in public areas and support.