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Hospitality Lighting

When we commence work on a hospitality lighting design plan for the industry, the following factors are considered to create a warm and welcoming environment: 

  1. Influence Mood: There are many components to consider in lighting to influence the mood of your guests. Unsatisfactory lighting can ruin a space’s aesthetic and hamper your ability to create an atmosphere.  Well-positioned luminaires can set the vibe and can create focal points. Human-centric lighting adjusts over the course of the day and evening to allow guests more restful sleep, using specialist luminaires and control systems to mimic natural daylight. Warmer colour temperatures and lower illumination levels allow hoteliers and restaurateurs to create intimate, dramatic atmospheres and more personal spaces; cooler colour temperatures and higher illumination levels can be used to create brighter, more vivid environments.

  2. Provide convenience: The hospitality industry is rapidly embracing technology-based lighting systems. Lighting should be adaptable to a business’s needs; timed dimming cycles in common areas, creating scenes in outdoor façade or landscaping lighting, or adjusting the lighting in a function area to flexibly accommodate weddings, conferences, presentations, and other events. By using dynamic luminaires and customisable control systems, businesses can maximise utility of their facilities with a minimum of fuss and expense.
  3. Allow tailoring to users’ needs: It is important that the lighting within the hospitality environment can be adapted to suit guests’ needs and provide convenience. This is particularly important for guestrooms, where lighting requirements vary for different needs: bright lighting for working, complementary lighting for getting ready, target spotlighting for reading a book or dimmed lighting for relaxing. Changing the illumination level should be easily achievable. Guests will certainly notice the convenience of good lighting when they find accommodation that provides it; conversely, a lack of convenient lighting will often leave a negative impression. 

Our specialist teams can select the correct luminaires and lighting control system to ensure that both guests and operators alike can easily, accessibly, and conveniently adjust lighting, allowing hoteliers and restaurateurs to maximise their business’s potential and guests to get the most enjoyment from their stay.

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