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Health Care Lighting

Lighting is a fundamental component within any space, but it is particularly important for health care facilities due to the tremendous impact it can have on patient outcomes, healing and overall health. We offer intelligent health care lighting solutions and applications, ensuring that the lighting creates a sense of well-being for patients while enabling care personnel and doctors/specialists to work with high levels of concentration. Depending on the application, we work with the client to provide an optimal lighting solution – 

Treatment Rooms: Within treatment rooms, lighting must communicate a sense of calm and comfort for patients while also ensuring that doctors/specialists are able to correctly examine and diagnose the patient. We often recommend fittings with very high luminous efficacy and optimal colour rendering as the ideal solution. 

Patient and Resident Rooms: For some patients, a clinic may temporarily become their new home and this, in turn needs to reflect a homely atmosphere for patients to feel relaxed and at ease. At the same time, we need to consider functional lighting for the space allowing personnel to complete medical examinations and treatments. Night-time lighting also needs to be considered that enables personnel to move around the room to monitor patients without disturbing sleep. 

When it comes to Health Care lighting, Relaxation Rooms and Waiting Areas: Relaxation and Waiting areas in healthcare facilities are important meeting areas for patients and visitors that needs to allow a sense of calm and connection. For these areas we look to create homogeneous lighting designs that avoids a monotonous impression often used for communal areas. 

Utility and Functional Rooms: For functional and utility rooms such as storage rooms, laundry and kitchens selected luminaires need to withstand dust, heat, cold and humidity. Depending on the room’s task our inhouse lighting designers can provide a recommendation for the specific lighting task requirement. 

Working together with our client, our lighting design team identify the projects specific requirements to create the ideal working and healing lighting conditions for the health care facility. 


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