Aglo Photometrics provides the possibility of measuring virtually any type of lighting fixture fast and easily without being dependent on external testing.

The LabSpion Goniophotometer is a key investment initiative to ensure lights and products supplied are all correctly specified to their designed light output beam and light quality colour rendering index (CRI). Incorrectly specified and manufactured lights are a resource waste, so too is not using the correct number of luminaries. Aglo’s environmental policy is to use fewer lights, correctly specified and QA tested. QA also involves thermal and age testing within the Aglo Photometrics lab for consistency in shape of beam, colour intensity and quality.

  • Light measurement solution 
  • Thermal testing
  • Ageing test

How we test: 

Testing is completed in the Aglo Photometrics lab in our Melbourne office, using the LabSpion that measures the full 3D distribution field of the light source and provides a comprehensive report of measured data.  The files are uploaded in real time to a secured, third party server in the cloud and tracked, where data cannot be modified to guarantee measurement integrity for clients.

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