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Sports and Area Lighting

We work with Civil Works and Engineering Consultants across Australia to provide sports & area lighting design, consultation and premium LED product supply for sporting facilities and public, commercial, and industrial area lighting applications.

Sports Lighting

Good quality lighting is essential for sports facilities to enable players, umpires, and spectators to follow the progress of the game. In ball sports, the ball should always be clearly visible, regardless of its speed or location. The playing pitch should be illuminated uniformly, with minimal glare and with optimal illumination levels for the sport and crowd size.

Each sport has set key standards of illumination, uniformity and glare for training sessions, match practice and competition at club, amateur and professional grades. Televised sports matches require even higher levels of illumination. 

We combine the technical expertise of our inhouse lighting designers and engineers to ensure that the lighting design proposed for each site complies with Australian regulations, and is visually appealing, energy-efficient and low-maintenance. As part of our lighting design process, we provide lux mapping for playing surfaces and 3D modelling of the proposed result.

Our lighting design proposals can go beyond just the play area. Lighting for other parts of the sporting complex is also important to consider; we can assist with illumination for the carpark and walkways, stands, emergency areas and corridors, changerooms, canteens and other rooms. We can design and supply for sporting facilities such as aquatic centres; tennis, football, soccer, rugby, hockey, netball, cricket, lawn bowls, basketball, and baseball clubs; golf courses and driving ranges; and gymnastic, dance and indoor multi-sports centres.

Area Lighting

Our industrial and commercial lighting designs can include a wide range of installation applications: loading docks, warehouses, driveways, car yards, outdoor merchandise displays, petrol stations, train stations, car washes and emergency assembly areas. Each have their own unique lighting requirements and standards that must be considered.

Other factors that must be considered include driver visibility and pedestrian safety, minimum illumination levels required by CCTV cameras for effective operation, and illuminance level standards that also apply for street illumination, vertical illumination, and public spaces. We can provide premium, energy-efficient LED luminaires suitable to the task and environment with long functional lifetimes for indoor and outdoor applications.

Our luminaires are IP-rated to suit various levels of water and dust protection, are minimal maintenance and can feature protection from vandalism. We can also accommodate specific project-based requirements such as programmed timers, and motion and daylight sensors for automatic dimming and switching options to suit your specific needs and to reduce energy consumption further.

Our team takes particular care to ensure our lighting designs meet strict NCC BCA, AS1680 and AS2560 sports/area lighting standards. Our dedicated team strives to provide a streamlined service with the finest attention to detail while maintaining competitive prices. 


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