The future of lighting control is wireless. We are one of Australia’s Casambi certified commissioning partners, meaning we have the latest products, technical expertise and knowledge to assist you in all your wireless control requirements.

Casambi wireless smart lighting experts

Looking for advice on where to start with Casambi wireless smart lighting?

We are one of Australia’s Casambi certified commissioning partners in Melbourne and Queensland and are experts in commissioning Casambi smart lighting systems. We will support you to help choose, install, and commission a customised mix of the latest Casambi smart lighting products to create the required functionality and best atmosphere for your design and space. Since 2004, we have become a leading commercial project lighting supplier. Our experience and background in lighting means we can advise you on the best Casambi technology. Being a Casambi Certified Commissioning Partner, we are experts in commissioning Casambi systems and can support you with training to ensure a smooth set-up and handover.

Why Casambi?  casambiphone2

Casambi is not just another lighting control product – here is what makes it unique:

1. Simple to specify and set up.
2. Universally compatible.
3. Provides you with control, the way you want.
4. Versatile.
5. Proven.
6. Robust.
7. Futureproof.

The Casambi lighting control solution offers reliable and professional technology packed with features. The easy-to-use system can be customised to the user, whether a contractor, homeowner, architect, interior designer, builder, or business who wishes to integrate wireless lighting technology into their design or business.

JamesJoudi-Casambi-BlogPost-1104x736 The Aglo team

Our highly qualified team, including product managers, lighting designers, engineers and a certified Casambi commissioning partner, will guarantee to provide you with a well-rounded solution based on your requirements, no matter how big or small.

James Joudi – Melbourne and Queensland Casambi Commissioner

Casambi for designers/architects:

Aglo can assist architects, interior designers, lighting designers and other professionals to determine the best wireless smart lighting control solution. The future of lighting control is wireless where Casambi is the ideal solution as it provides a range of functionalities including grouping, colour temperature and lighting colour setting, scenes, animations, gallery, daylight sensors, calendar, timer, occupancy sensor, scalability, sunrise & sunset, control hierarchy, gateway, elements, and parameters. Because it is totally wireless, Casambi is an ideal choice for use when retrofitting or historic buildings such as Manchester Unity Dental Suite 

Casambi for electrical contractors:

Casambi is a wireless lighting control system that uses Bluetooth Low Energy and Mesh technology as a form of communication between devices. It is a straightforward and simple solution providing users with an effortless way to interact with the system through their smart device. Electrical contractors do not need to worry about new wiring or network hardware beyond the light fitting itself. As Casambi does not rely on Wi-Fi, no gateway such as a router or bridge is needed.

Casambi for retail:

Aglo has a proven track record working with many leading retailers, shopfitters, architects, designers, builders, and electrical contractors producing the latest in retail lighting. We can assist retail store owners to create the best light for their space using Casambi smart lighting control – whether its pre-set scenes, making it easy to adjust lighting for the entire store or display bays.

Our Casambi Services

If you’re looking to integrate wireless control into your next project we can assist you every step of the way – from brief to ongoing technical support we’ll work with you to deliver the best result for your project.

We have a highly qualified team, including engineers, lighting designers, product managers and a specialised Casambi commissioning partner, so you are guaranteed to receive a well-rounded solution for all briefs, no matter how big or small.

Our team can advise you about the latest Casambi products and technology while completing the supply, setup and integration.

We’ll help design your Casambi integration plan and will commission the entire ecosystem of Casambi products for you. We will set up your network for you, setting sensors and timers and programming your switches.

Training is provided for all team members to ensure that your new smart lighting system is used to its fullest potential.

Training options;
•  One on one
•  Group demonstrations

We make the world’s leading wireless lighting control solution simple! Contact us for a free consultation and to discover more.

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