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Supermarket Lighting and Design

We specialise in lighting for the supermarket industry and have a unique understanding of supermarket lighting design requirements. Lighting plays a key role in supermarket design where a great lighting environment can attract and guide the flow of people. Our lighting design takes into consideration illuminating key areas of interest, ease of installation, lifespan, energy savings, AS1680/NCC BCA requirements and maintenance cycles.

As part of our lighting design process, we identify the key supermarket lighting areas: 

  • Fresh Produce Area Lighting: The fresh area within a supermarket generally displays produce, meats, cheeses, and cooked goods. The lighting design for this area looks to ensure foods are well presented but also considers the temperature impact of goods. To create fresher looking produce our ‘Brilliant Vivid’ LED technology provides enriched high-colour rendering, making the colour saturation and representation of an object in line with daylight. The ability to represent a greater range of colours and contrasts makes the texture and detail of a product clearer, so customers can see how fresh it is.
  • Shelving Aisle Lighting: The shelving area consists of the supermarket aisles and requires high horizontal and vertical illuminance so the goods can be highlighted effectively. Because the distances between the shelves are closer, the lighting for this area should have low levels of shadowing and very high uniformity to ensure products are evenly illuminated top to bottom.
  • Promotional Area Lighting: The promotional area of a supermarket is usually featured at end bays of aisles or in a dedicated position within the supermarket. Lighting for this area needs to be targeted, to better attract customers at first glance and draw them to the supermarket’s special buys/products and discounts. Lighting for this area should be brighter than the surrounding environment to attract attention.
  • Frozen Area Lighting: A supermarket’s frozen goods area requires a lighting design that makes the goods appear fresh and cool. The distance between luminaires and goods can influence the shelf life, so these are important factors to consider in this space.
  • Cashier Area Lighting: The cashier or checkout area of a supermarket needs to be bright and comfortable for employees and customers. Low-glare and high lumen output LED lighting fittings allow employees and customers to see the goods and cash register without harsh discomfort glare.


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