SupaValu Supermarket Lighting Design and Supply

SupaValu Supermarket Lighting Design and Supply

Aglo Systems was pleased to work with Metcash to deliver the lighting design and supply for IGA’s new SupaValu supermarket. SupaValu is a new Australian owned and independently operated supermarket chain which offers bulk-buy savings and appeals to savvy shoppers. The store, at Delahey in Melbourne’s northwest, is the first in Victoria, joining two existing stores in Sydney and Ballina. The look and feel of SupaValu provides shoppers with a simple supermarket experience – resembling a warehouse where construction cost and build time is kept to a minimum.

The client brief for this project was to work the lighting in with the Warehouse look and feel and provide a complete lighting solution. As part of the lighting design our lighting designers broke down key lighting areas of the supermarket whilst also considering the size of the model and required detail in design:

-General lighting

-Liquor lighting

-Deli lighting

-Food preparation area lighting

-Back of house lighting

-Signage lighting


For general circulation lighting Mondolux Cosmos highbays were specified. Cosmos was selected due to its practicality and being a great value lighting solution whilst also fitting with SupaValu’s warehouse look and feel. Cosmos generated 1000lx on the floor plane throughout the store utilising a prismatic diffuser. Mondolux Hartley spotlights with 3 circuit track were supplied in the liquor store delivering low glare and high efficacy >92lm/W. Mondolux Siena Midi adjustable downlights were used for the Deli lighting solution. Mondolux T-Bar Lumo 1195mm x 295mm x 10mm Panel was utilised for food preparation areas, whereas Mondolux Gela Batten was used for the back of house lighting. These lighting products were selected due to their suitability for food preparation with the clients brief and fitting with the warehouse look and feel.

Aglo also provided a sign lighting design recommendation to illuminate the large yellow area signs across the supermarket perimeter. Mondolux High CRI Stanley Spotlights with 3 circuit track were used to uniformly illuminate the front face of the signage and enable the yellow ‘pop’ with colour.

General, food preparation and back of house lighting fittings were supplied with a colour temperature of 4000K, whereas the liquor fittings were supplied with a colour temperature of 3000K.

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