700 Collins Street Green Wall Horticultural Lighting

Horticultural Lighting Design 700 Collins Street

Aglo Project Lighting and Lighting Design teams were engaged by Fyto Green to assist with revised horticultural lighting design and specification for the existing green wall at the main foyer entry of 700 Collins Street, Melbourne. 

The existing green wall horticultural lighting was not outputting enough artificial light to sustain the plant growth over time. Therefore, we completed full Green Wall lighting design and specification to provide a recommendation that would deliver higher artificial light levels to not only repair and re-grow the existing Green Wall, but also maintain that growth long term.

To determine the perfect solution, we utilised our Photometric lab – goniophotometer to test fittings and review the horticultural reports. Our Goniophotometer allows us to test lights and generate a horticultural report and IES files specifically for Green Walls.  This allows us to generate the plot in PPFD rather than lux which provided the horticulturist with a greater understanding of what levels needed to be achieved to repair, re-grow and sustain. We supplied Mondolux Venice Maxi Black, ComfoLED CRI97 4000K 3-Circuit Track 48W 10 degree and 45 degree to achieve a target PPFD average of 45 umol/s-m2 (Micromoles per meter squared per second).

From initial installation we have already seen great repair and re-growth from the specified horticultural lighting. We are looking forward to continuing to see positive results for this stunning Green Wall which provides great visual impact at the entrance of the building.





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