Ecocycle Head Office Green Wall Horticultural Lighting

Green wall lighting design at Ecocycle Head Office

Aglo’s Project Lighting and Lighting Design teams were pleased to collaborate with Fytogreen to deliver the lighting design and horticultural lights for Ecocycle Head Office 18m wide x 8.5m high Green Wall in Campbellfield, VIC. Ecocycle is Australasia’s most experienced mercury recovery and recycling company. Fytogreen is a full-service green infrastructure specialist that develops sustainable greening solutions.

As part of Ecocycles new modern office the impressive Green Wall was installed in the reception and office area. Due to our ability to provide lighting designs in PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) we were able to collaborate effectively with Ecocycle and Fytogreen to deliver this project. As part of the client brief, the target PPFD was 45µmol/s/m², with a colour temperature between 3000-4000K to sustain plant growth utilising artificial lighting. As part of the Lighting Design we considered the following factors to ensure adequate green wall design whilst meeting the client brief requirements:

-Providing sufficient lighting for the plants to grow.

-An even light distribution (specific luminaire aiming to ensure adequate uniform light levels vertically across the space).

-The design is not provided as a typical RCP, rather an elevation design showing the vertical PPFD values, this ensures the plants are receiving the appropriate light levels which are calculated on a vertical plane rather than horizontally.

To determine the perfect solution, we utilised our Photometric lab – goniophotometer to test fittings and review the horticultural reports. Our Goniophotometer allows us to test lights and generate a horticultural report and IES files specifically for Green Walls.  This allows us to generate the plot in PPFD rather than lux which provided the horticulturist with a greater understanding of what plants will thrive under the lights and allows us to collaborate further if some feature plants require a higher PPFD to enable them to flower. We supplied Mondolux Venice Maxi Black ComfoLED 4000K 48W CRI97 as the horticultural lighting solution.

The project ran across an 8-month duration and followed the project lighting and lighting design process including conceptual design, photometric lab reporting, schematic design, detailed design and implementation.

The result speaks for itself – huge visual impact, environmental benefits, and improved air quality.





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