Target Head Office

Commercial Office Lighting

This large-scale commercial building project developed by Cedarwoods involves 12,000m2 of office space. Aglo’s commercial office lighting project team worked in combination with the client’s engineers W&G, Hacer and ASI Electrics to provide light fittings for the four levels of open floor office space, meeting rooms, kitchens and corridors.

Our initial brief was to provide an alternative office troffer that suited budget requirements. It was to meet the original design intent and technical features of the specified leading-brand fitting, with a high efficiency, 90CRI, and low glare rating.

We proposed the Mondolux Vivaldi troffer, which was then rigorously tested by W&G to compare against the specified troffer. To meet the lumen efficiency of the specified fitting, our R&D team enhanced Vivaldi’s reflector with a new material and design.

During this six-month examination and product development process, Aglo were required to run a series of additional specific LM79 and photometric performance tests and provide reports and compliance certifications to the client. Several options for other types of commercial luminaires and lighting layouts were also requested to be investigated and compared. In due course, the enhanced Vivaldi, with our carefully calculated commercial office lighting design plans passed the comparison criteria and was approved for procurement. Our project management team then arranged the staged delivery of the product over a four-month period.

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Note: Since the time of writing, some products used on this project have been discontinued or replaced with Mondolux branded fittings.

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