Target Australia’s new headquarters was successfully completed in November this year. This large-scale project was developed by Cedar Woods, with a 12,860 square metre office building in Williams Landing.

Aglo Systems was pleased to participate in the Target Head Office project with the lighting supply. Our special projects team, worked in combination with Hacer and ASI Electrics making possible a brilliant result.

For this project we supplied light fittings for the 4 levels of commercial office space, including all the open floor office spaces, meeting rooms, kitchen and corridors.

We utilized our new Mondolux range, recently launched in the Australian market in mid-August this year. All the light fittings supplied for this important project were high efficiency with a low URG, 4000k and 90CRI.

Our Special Projects team ensured all the products supplied met the specified requirements and managed the delivery of the fittings staged over a period of 4 months.