Luv Bridal & Formal Chadstone Showroom Lighting Design and Supply

Lighting Design and Supply for Luv Bridal & Formal Chadstone Showroom

Aglo’s Project Lighting and Lighting Design teams were delighted to work directly with Luv Bridal & Formal and collaborate with StorePro and Design Tailor to deliver the retail lighting design and supply for brand new Luv Bridal & Formal Chadstone Showroom. Luv Bridal & Formal provides a unique and unforgettable bridal gown shopping experience with highly experienced Bridal Stylists in a stunning, ambient and inviting showroom.

As part of the client brief for this project, Luv Bridal & Formal requested a detailed lighting design with lux levels for the Showroom utilising fixtures that provided horizontal and vertical illuminance – a better result than using only downlights which create shadows and flatness. Due to Aglo’s ability to provide a comprehensive Lighting Design with Lux levels and heatmaps, detailed quote with great communication we were able to showcase our vision for the Showroom effectively. As part of the lighting design our lighting designers reviewed the main lighting areas of the showroom:

-General/Circulation lighting

-Shopfront and lobby lighting

-Gown rack lighting

-Hero display lighting

-Stair feature lighting

-Princess box (Change room) lighting

-Point of sale lighting ­­­­­­­

-Art wall and brand lighting

Using this approach, we created a warm and inviting store that epitomises luxury; utilising 3000K instead of 4000K, designing brighter lights in the north-facing shop front and creating contrast in the sales area. Mondolux Polar Downlights were used in the lobby area which provides eye catching street level lighting that out-competes other shopfronts in the area. When reviewing the lighting design for the ‘Princess Boxes’ our lighting designers ensured the lighting was uniform and shadowing was minimal. The hero displays and branding were highlighted with higher lux levels, creating contrast and interest using Mondolux Taranto Wall Washer Downlight. Mondolux Stirling 90 Adjustable Downlights were used to illuminate the stair feature on both floors.

All Mondolux display lighting was supplied in CRI90. The following lux levels were achieved across key areas: 1500 to store front, 1000 to displays and 250 for circulation and seating areas.

We're a Casambi certified commissioning partner