Casambi Lighting Control at The Star Gold Coast Events Centre

Lighting retrofit with Casambi Lighting Control at The Star Gold Coast Events Centre

Aglo designed, supplied, and commissioned the impressive RGB-TW Casambi lighting control retrofit project at The Star Gold Coast Events Centre. An existing installation from over 40 years ago, Aglo was trusted to project manage, upgrade and retrofit the existing lighting and provide wireless smart lighting control solution: Casambi.

There were three key areas of the project – the vast event gala space, entry gallery and meeting/conference rooms. The first challenge of the project was retrofitting the existing 216 downlights in the event gala space, which were only non-dimmable cool white to be dimmable colour-changing and tuneable white. They required approximately 500 lux on average throughout the room which had a ceiling height of around 6m. The solution was Aglo ODM RGB-TW Sorrento Maxi (50W) product which features low glare, a specular reflector with diffused light output. Usually, RGB lights are only decorative and achieving a high-lumen package for general lighting can be a challenge. Aglo sourced and manufactured a luminaire that combines the RGB chip and white colour chip to achieve the accurate tuneable white light on black body locus (excellent colour temperatures from 2000K to 7000K as well as RGB colours, making it ideal for every kind of Human Centric Lighting) and RGB/CIE -xy adjustable.

Given the project was an existing installation from over 40 years ago the second challenge was that implementing new wiring wasn’t achievable due to limited accessible ceiling space. To overcome this, the solution was Casambi lighting control where the luminaires were configured using a Casambi module with RGB-TW (XY) Profile. Casambi is a lighting control solution that offers reliable and professional technology packed with features. The easy-to-use system can be customised based on the client’s requirements. For The Star Gold Coast Events Centre, the following Casambi functions were programmed:

   The Star Events Centre Gala Room Cool White The Star Events Centre Gala Room Red  


  • Dimmability: To allow for lighting to be dimmed up/down during events, dimmability was incorporated which can be activated by simply sliding along the Dimmer icon.
  • Tuneable White: The client can easily control the luminaire or group colour temperature within the Event Centre by simply sliding the finger on top of the Colour temperature icon.
  • RGB Control: Should there be specific colour lighting requirements for events, the client can change the colour of the lighting by sliding the finger across the CIE Chart Wheel.
  • Grouping: Being an event centre that can be divided into 9 different sections, Grouping was created to be able to control each section and each light individually as required.
  • Scenes: For the general areas the following scenes were programmed – Night mode/Event mode/Cleaning mode/Day mode. More than 100 scenes were defined and assigned to the switches of the project however they were all hidden in the Casambi app to allow the user interface to have a cleaner look and easier access to the four key scenes.
  • Full control: The client has full control of the lighting and can set the colours and lighting according to the event requirements – eg. Turn off the lighting reflecting on the screen during a presentation.
  • Flexibility: Casambi lighting control can be connected with any luminaire, sensor, switch or other lighting component. It is a robust, futureproof wireless control solution, meaning it meets the event centres needs for now and for the future.

The two remaining areas of the project – the entry gallery and meeting/conference rooms required updating of the existing fluorescent downlights to be dimmable LED with control. The client also requested to be able to set various modes of light depending on what event was being held and set night and cleaning modes for energy efficiency. The product solution was Lumiparts Baza downlights, with a wide ring to cover the existing cutout with minimum glare and high efficiency. Mondolux Catania Maxi Spotlights were also used for general highlighting in the entry gallery space. Both product solutions were integrated with a Casambi driver for control. For the meeting/conference rooms control is via wall mounted Casambi Xpress remote control which includes customised print with four simple target buttons used to control a set of animation, scene, one luminaire, luminaire group or all luminaires together.

All of these areas are controlled by multiple Star Gold Coast personnel; thus a multi-control point system was required which Casambi suited perfectly. The total number of Casambi nodes used in the project was 436.

Aglo created an impressive, rejuvenated event space that reflects a more modern concept. Casambi provides The Star Gold Coast with a versatile and flexible control system allowing staff the creativity to adapt the lighting according to the event preferences.



Client: The Star Gold Coast

Site: The Star Events Centre

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

Electrical Engineer: Erikson Engineering

Electrician: Industrial Electrical, Burleigh Heads

Lighting Design: Aglo Systems

Products: Lumiparts, Mondolux, Casambi, Aglo ODM Product

We're a Casambi certified commissioning partner