RGB-TW Sorrento Mega, Casambi Downlight solution for The Star Event Centre – Gold Coast


Client: The Star – Gold Coast

The Brief

The lighting needs of modern event centres are complex and varied, where energy saving challenges, lighting control and aesthetic are some of the key factors that need to be considered. As part of the client brief for this project, The Star Event Centre – Gold Coast were looking for a tunable white downlight solution. RGB-TW Tunable White LED is an exciting colour-tunable technology that allows users to control the colour of light any time after installation and attune lighting to individual preferences or a specific application need.

The Solution

Aglo was approached by The Star to deliver a tunable white solution; RGB-TW Sorrento Mega Downlight, for The Star Event Centre, Gold Coast. The solution, expertly crafted by Aglo, provides the ability to dim the CCT between 2000K to 7000K whilst also providing the full range of CIE Chart wheel. The original design and manufacture process for this product incorporated the following stages: initial design and technical concept, sourcing of components, samples, client review and approval, local manufacturing, and supply. This concept was bought to a successful manufacturing reality by Aglo’s production team where the components of the design and technical specification including LED chip, body, Casambi module and driver were effectively assembled. Aglo supplied a quantity of 220 RGB-TW Sorrento Mega Downlights for the event space. This solution enables The Star to effectively control illumination, colour temperature and the light colour of the fitting via the Casambi app on their enabled smart device. Casambi was used as the control system to create effective illumination and required transitions, while also incorporating energy saving measures such as scheduling and scenes. RGB-TW Sorrento Mega Downlight also delivered in terms of its aesthetic, providing a sleek and modern finish to work in with the event centre’s look and feel.

Technical Information


  • 2000K – 7000K range
  • Increases blue-toned hues and intensity to stimulate and mimic daylight

Full-Colour tuning:

  • RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White)
  • Provides the full range of CIE Chart wheel and tunable white

Colour Rendering Index (CRI):

  • CRI95+


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