Original Design and Manufactured Round 60mm Extrusion Joiner for The Commons, Surry Hills


The Commons

The Design Office


The Brief

To fulfil the delivery of continuous 60mm extrusion lighting for creative coworking workspace The Commons in Surry Hills, NSW.

Aglo also completed the lighting design and project lighting solutions for the project, effectively meeting the project requirements including specifying high-quality performance fittings with exceptional visual comfort, giving the client confidence and piece-of-mind in selecting Aglo.

The Solution

Working closely with The Commons team, Aglo identified that to deliver continuous 60mm extrusion lighting a joiner would be required to make it easier to supply and allow the extrusion lighting to be seamless. Aglo successfully designed, manufactured, and delivered a translucent joiner, which enabled the 60mm Extrusion to be joined effectively with minimal visual impact. The original design and manufacture process for this product incorporated the following stages: initial design concept, client review and approval, 3D printed prototype, design review, tooling, moulding, and manufacturing and supply. Injection moulding was the key manufacturing process to develop this custom designed product. As part of this project, 200 Round 60mm Extrusion Joiners were produced and provided to the electrical contractor to fit-off on site. With the addition of the round 60mm extrusion joiner the installation process was much quicker and easier than attempting to fit long lengths of diffuser to aluminium profile. Once the round 60mm extrusion joiner was fitted it was almost invisible as we matched the joiner to the diffuser material perfectly.

Technical Information
  • CCT: 3000K
  • CRI: CRI90


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