Original Design and Manufactured Illuminated Seat Numbers for Reading Cinemas



Reading Cinemas

The Brief

Creation of custom design and manufacture of an illuminated seat number solution, required to be mounted in a timber table or an upholstered seat for Reading Cinema Newmarket in Brisbane.

The Solution

The Aglo Custom team were engaged by Profurn and Reading Cinemas to design and manufacture custom illuminated seat numbers for Reading Cinema Newmarket, Brisbane. The concept, cleverly designed by Aglo, was a four-piece kit incorporating an injection moulding mounting ring, Injection moulded contrast translucent edge trim, injection moulded clear acrylic light holder and a numbered sticker.  These components were designed for easy mounting in the timber table or upholstered seat. The solution was manufactured in China and assembled seamlessly into Reading Cinema Seats by Profurn. The original design and manufacture process for this product incorporated the following stages: initial design concept, client review and approval, 3D printed prototype, design review, tooling, moulding and manufacturing and supply.

Technical Information

Light source: AGILight SignRayz Ultra Mini.


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