Retail stationery store LED lighting supply

This colourful stationery retailer fits out multiple stores with Aglo Systems’ LED lighting range and lighting design services.


Smiggle is an Australian-based retail store chain that sells colourful, fun, fashion-forward stationery, office supplies and other related accessories. Aglo Systems have supplied premium LED lighting fittings to the Just Group’s retail stores for over two years, totaling 50+ stores Australia wide. This site at Dandenong Plaza is one of six Smiggle locations that Aglo has provided lighting design services and fittings for, so far.


Our lighting design team ensured all areas of the store were brightly and uniformly illuminated while keeping within Building Code of Australia wattage per square metre guidelines. The lighting design brief from Just Group stipulated that the window display be illuminated at 2400 lux and the rear wall bay lighting achieve 2600 lux. Our lighting design solution comprised of a mix of Staten downlights and two types of spotlights – Wally and Tribecca – which met the required lux levels in our lighting calculations and modeling. The LED fittings were 3500K colour temperature for a warm ambiance, and high CRI 90 for accurate colour rendering of merchandise.

Using the rectangular Wally spotlight minimises scalloping seen from round spotlights. This creates an evenly illuminated wall from ceiling to floor, which was important given the positioning of the signage and shelving.

Aglo also supplied Sirius LED battens for the back of house area and the illuminated emergency signage.

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