Adairs Parkdale

Retail Store Lighting

Adairs – Retail Store Lighting

Adairs is ‘Australia’s leading independent retailer for manchester including bedroom, bathroom, homewares, furniture and kids.’ Aglo Systems have provided retail store lighting solutions for over 70+ Adairs stores nationally. This project features the Parkdale store in Victoria.

The modern lighting design comprised of a mix of LED fittings to illuminate different areas of the store and floodlighting to external signage. Polar adjustable downlights were positioned across the general floor area for even illumination. Zenith snorkel downlights were used with a bright 5100lm strength to effectively wash down the displays and highlight merchandise. The window displays were perfectly illuminated using track mounted Frost fittings, which were also used to emphasise the bedding displays within the store.

Note: Since the time of writing, some products used on this project have been discontinued or replaced with Mondolux branded fittings.

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