Queens Place Tower Custom Lobby Light Feature

Custom Lobby Light

The Aglo custom team were pleased to collaborate with Electrolight, Multiplex Construction, Cox Architecture and Fender Katsalidis to deliver the main entrance lobby light feature which contains 1936 individual anodised aluminium extrusion light fittings at Queens Place.

The Queens Place development aimed to re-engage the site at 350 Queen St into the Queen Victoria Market Precinct. At both the ground plane and in the sky, the development aspires to enliven and enrich the liveability and character of Melbourne’s CBD. The concept design for the main entrance lobby light feature was established prior to Aglo being engaged where the feature spacing, dropper heights, size and shape of the profile were provided.

Aglo refined the design to simplify the fabrication and installation of the custom manufactured main entrance lobby light feature. Namely:
– Incorporating a pre-existing diffuser profile into the original design concept to provide even illumination inside the extrusion profile.
– Implemented a 2-part assembly process where the pre-wired ceiling tiles could be installed before the decorative extrusions. The pre-wired ceiling tiles plugged into the soft wiring system which considerably reduced installation time.
– Integrating design accessibility for easy maintenance.

The custom manufactured product featured:
– 1936 individual decorative extrusion elements.
– 278 unique configurations of the decorative extrusion element ranging from 800mm to 3600mm in length.

The project ran across an approximate 5-year duration, commencing from 2016 and was installed in 2021. The stages of this project included design (model and render), quote, design and manufacturing shop drawings, review stages, colour and material samples, production, delivery and installation documentation.

The result is simply stunning – an exceptional light feature that drives interest and intrigue within the main entrance lobby.


Project Collaborators:


Multiplex Construction

Cox Architecture

Fender Katsalidis

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