123 Albert Street: Custom Design and Manufactured Pendant and Floor Lamp

Custom Floor Lamps and Pendants

Aglo Custom team were pleased to collaborate with Hassell Studio to design, engineer and manufacture a custom pendant and two custom floor lamps for the lobby of a new commercial office development 123 Albert Street, Brisbane. 123 Albert Street is located at the centre of the recently rejuvenated Brisbane CBD and incorporates retail pavilions and lush landscaping. The features are located in the refurbished lobby which provides a superior arrival experience.

The project spanned a 12-month period, commencing from May 2021 and concluding in June 2022. The design refinement took place over an 8-month period. Aglo worked closely with Hassell during this time to develop the design concepts by providing costing and manufacturing advice throughout the design process. The result was a concierge desk pendant and two decorative floor lamps that felt grand and sculptural whilst also connecting with the interior styling of the lobby design.

The custom concierge desk pendant spans 12 meters and is 1 meter wide. It incorporates 28 spherical opal glass shades which are mounted at 90-degree angles, rotating around the central structural tube. The feature is finished in a satin pale bronze finish and the shades are illuminated with G9 LED lamps.

The decorative floor lamps highlight the lounge area in the lobby. The features are 3.4 meters high and 2 meters wide with a 400mm diameter opal glass sphere. The floor lamps’ metal work matches the same satin pale bronze finish of the concierge desk pendant, and a decorative stone base matches the adjacent stone wall. The single floor lamp shade required a higher output compared to the pendant and therefore used a E14 LED lamp.


Project Collaborators:

Architect: Hassell Studio

Wholesaler: Haymans Electrical – Brisbane Airport

Electrician: FSA Services

Builder: Buildcorp

Developer: Dexus

Images via: Dexus 

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