Custom Luminaires and Features at SkyCity Adelaide

Custom Luminaires and Features at SkyCity Adelaide

Aglo’s Custom Design Team were delighted to collaborate with Buchan Group and Hansen & Yunken to manufacture multiple custom luminaires and light fittings for the recently redeveloped SkyCity Adelaide. The redevelopment incorporated an integrated entertainment complex expanded multi-tiered Casino, 123 luxury hotel rooms and suites, a 750-capacity multipurpose function centre, wellness centre offering sauna, gym, pool and day spa, a range of new dining and restaurant facilities, rooftop bar and upgrade of existing Casino facilities in the historic Adelaide Railway Station building. SkyCity Adelaide is centred in the heart of Adelaide’s rejuvenated Riverbank Precinct and our team were proud to be involved with the transformative project delivering world-class gaming and a vibrant entertainment and dining experience.

Our Custom Design team demonstrated its added value by working closely with Buchan Group’s initial design concept to make it more manufacturable and suitable for install. Seven custom luminaires and features were engineered, manufactured and delivered as part of the project across multiple areas of the revamped casino including the Grange Room entrance, Casino Gaming floor, escalator and entrance, Westward Bar and Carpark Entrance Lift Lobby. Materials used to create the custom canopies included stainless steel for stability and structural purposes. The decorative elements were manufactured from aluminium and glass. A variety of custom manufacturing processes were utilised, including laser cutting, bending, welding, painting, anodising and PVD to produce the features and luminaires.

The custom fittings and features incorporate:

  • Westward Bar Custom Lighting Feature: A bespoke oval lighting feature with a brushed gold decorative globe cover, following the contours of the Westward bar connecting the two rooms together. The design concept for this lighting feature creates the clever illusion of the globes passing through the walls. 
  • Gaming Floor Foyer Entrance Custom Feature: A bespoke entry feature containing 220 ribbon blades all hung up in a cyclone cluster. The blades are finished in either a polished or satin gold finish to create an interesting light effect from whatever position you view the feature from. The Blade bend radius were strategically designed to create a constant flow from one end of the room to the other.
  • Grange Room Entrance: Stunning custom lobby Chandelier that is 2400mm in diameter. The hanging decorative blades are positioned in a zig zag pattern with the outer layer in polished metal and the inner layer glass. These two materials create an interesting play on the light bouncing in and around the feature.
  • Gaming Floor Custom Feature Columns: This feature is used around selected columns on the gaming floor to accentuate the fluted details on the columns. The blades are designed in a 3-tiered layer to create a depth to the design which is further highlighted using positioned downlights between blades.
  • Gaming Floor Bespoke Chandeliers: Created with multiple layers, the central layer consists of a large, polished drum. The following two layers consists of canopies filled with layers of multi coloured blades at varying lengths, the anodised colours of a light and bright gold and a silver grey are accentuated by the LED modules shining from the above canopies. Some larger versions of this feature use an additional semi-circle ring to highlight the outer layer of these massive features.
  • Gaming Floor Entrance Escalator: Custom Tubular end illuminated wall feature that transition from single ended illumination when included in a wall to double end illuminated as the wall becomes and open slat construction viewable from both sides.
  • Carpark Entrance Lift Lobby: Bespoke circular lighting ceiling feature with sectional components framing the space. Each sectional component consists of two layers, the top layer is a black while the lower layer is a brushed gold finish. The light source is situated between each layer shining upwards to create a line output on the ceiling.
  • Lift lobby Escalator Feature: Consists of four large, brushed gold rectangular downward lighting features hung at varying heights and angles.

The project proved to have technical challenges which the team overcame by using their lateral thinking and strong technical and manufacturing knowledge. The size of the custom features and luminaires determined what finishing process could be used. Due to the technical challenges, namely the size of the bathes/chambers some components were painted with a premium finish where the team matched the paint finish to already signed off colours. 

The project ran across a 4-year total duration commencing from January 2017 with installation in late 2020. The stages for this project incorporated the following custom design process: design (model and render), quotation for tender, pricing, redesign, resubmission for tender, design and manufacturing drawings and reviews, colour and material samples, production, delivery and installation.

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