Custom Manufactured Fiberglass Domes ACMI Renewal

Custom Manufactured Domes

Aglo Custom provided custom manufacturing of the fiberglass domes which are featured in the enhanced public space and ‘Living Stair’ section located on the ground level. The domes were installed with appropriate lighting, smoke detectors, sensors, PA equipment and AC ventilation as required and plastered in for a trimless look.

The project was installed in 2021, and is now open to the public to enjoy.

Aglo Custom team were pleased to collaborate with Schuler Shook, BKK Architects, Razorfish and ACMI for the revisionary redevelopment of ACMI. The ACMI Renewal project was a major renovation of all spaces, including new places for gathering and reflection. ACMI located at Federation Square in Melbourne is the world’s largest museum dedicated to celebrating screen culture and the moving image. The design process of this project needed genuine multi-disciplinary collaboration to ensure all technical, educational, workplace and architectural requirements were met.



Project Collaborators:

Installation: ACMI

Lighting design: Schuler Shook

Architect: BKK Architects

Experience Design: Razorfish

We're a Casambi certified commissioning partner