Dark-Light Reflector TW Sorrento Mega Downlight for Cairns Convention Centre


Client: Cairns Convention Centre  

Electrical Contractor: Stowe Australia

Electrical Wholesaler: Sherrif Electrical

Electrical Engineer: AECOM

The Brief

Lighting is an essential part of modern convention centres where factors such as lighting control, energy saving and aesthetic (including glare) are some of the key considerations. Aglo were pleased to deliver the lighting design and supply for the recently expanded and refurbished Cairns Convention Centre. Cairns Convention Centre delivers a world class international purpose-built venue located amidst natures pristine playground. The 10,500 sqm expansion includes tropically planted forecourt, a 410 sear plenary lecture space, three 110 meeting rooms, a large undercover, expanded main entry lobby, exhibition space for up to 30 display booths, a 500 seat banquet room with a large adjoining pre-function space and external terrace. As part of the client brief for this project, The Cairns Convention Centre were looking for a low glare, deep baffle, dark reflector downlight with high power.

The Solution

Aglo was approached by The Cairns Convention Centre to deliver an alternative deep baffle downlight that provided low glare with high power and a dark reflector. Aglo presented a comprehensive package to the contractor with alternatives on all the fittings with substantial savings for the whole project. The key fittings for this project were supplied with tunable white and DALI control options. TW Tunable White LED is an exciting Tunable White technology that allows users to control the CCT of the light within the white spectrum at any time after installation and attune lighting to individual preferences or a specific application need. Sorrento Mega was a suitable product already available that met the required technical specification but the standard reflector was a specular version. This solution was bought to a successful manufacturing reality by Aglo’s Product Development Team who worked upon developing a dark reflector or black chrome reflector to suit the existing Sorrento Mega. After some product trials and samples tested in the Aglo Photometrics Lab, the desired result in terms of finish and efficiency was achieved. The fitting was presented with the tunable white solution using Bridgelux BXRV-TR-2765G-40A0-A-23 LED CRI90 COB that allows the fitting to reach extended white colour balance to suit the lighting requirement. The Tunable White ranges between 2700K to 6500K, 48W /4745lm output maximum with dimmable option upto 1% over standard DALI control system. It has excellent binning standard of 3 step MacAdam binning with a product lifetime 50,000 hrs L80B10. Aglo supplied a quantity of 159 TW Sorrento Mega Dark Light Reflector Downlights for the event space. This solution enables The Cairns Convention Centre to effectively control colour temperature and the light colour of the fitting whilst delivering low glare with cross beam reflector and high efficiency. The dark reflector specification was very specific as it needed to be low glare and not just black. Aglo ran multiple iterations for production to achieve the perfect dark chrome finish to ensure efficiency and glare were perfectly balanced. TW Sorrento Mega Dark Light Reflector Downlights also delivered in terms of its aesthetic, providing a sleek and modern design to work in with the convention centre’s look and feel.

Technical Information


  • 2700K to 6500K
  • CRI 92
  • Increases blue-toned hues and intensity to stimulate and mimic daylight

Wide range of spectrum:

  • 2700K-6500K
  • Provides the full range of CIE Chart and Tunable white

Light Source: Bridgelux BXRV-TR-2765G-40A0-A-23

Material: Aluminium extruded heatsink


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