Robins Kitchen

Robins Kitchen retail store cuts electricity usage with an LED lighting upgrade

Robins Kitchen is a kitchen and homewares store with retail sites spread throughout NT, QLD, NSW and VIC. Aglo has supplied lights to over 30 Robins Kitchen stores during the past three years. The Mt Gravatt, QLD overall lux levels in the store were quite low, using metal halide tiltable downlights which had gradually dimmed over time.

The new lighting design involved repositioning the new LED fittings around the store’s centre and perimeter. This required the cutouts from the old lights to be patched and painted. The fittings selected allowed for minimal scalloping on the walls and an even illumination for the floor area. All fittings were neutral 4000K and high CRI 90 to ensure accurate colour representation and crisp whites.

Upgrading to energy efficient LED fittings now saves this 8.5m x 14.4 m store over $2000 annually in reduced power usage and maintenance. The store now looks brighter and more welcoming with all displays effectively lit.

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Summary of results

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