House Essendon

VEET Rebated LED retrofit at House - Essendon, VIC

The House outlet store at the Essendon Home Maker Centre in Victoria underwent an LED retrofit makeover recently and received a considerable discount on their LED product from the VEET incentive scheme. The move from metal halide fixtures to energy efficient LED fittings is expected to pay for itself with a substantial reduction in electrical usage of 66%. The updated commercial lighting fixtures provided a significantly improved overall lighting quality with uniform light levels, higher CRI and brighter overall illumination.

The lighting design comprised of a mix of Galaxy high bays with a wide beamspread to illuminate the aisles and general floorspace; Shopra tracklights which were fitted in both a surface mounted and cable suspended fashion across the various false feature ceilings for spotlighting; and recessed Hubble shoplights for the central island displays.

Note: Since the time of writing, some products used on this project have been discontinued or replaced with Mondolux branded fittings.

Summary of results 



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