Dotti Eastland

Women’s fashion store Dotti fits out multiple stores with Aglo Systems’ LED light fittings and lighting design services.

Aglo Systems have supplied premium LED light fittings and lighting designs for Just Group’s retail stores for over two years. More than 50 stores across the Just Group brands have been fitted with Aglo product so far. 

Aglo’s Lighting Design team ensured all areas of the store were evenly illuminated while reaching specific lux level requirements provided by the Just Group design brief. All premium LED fittings installed at the site have a colour temperature of 3500k, creating a warm ambiance, and a high CRI 90 which allows true colour accuracy of the garments.

A unique structured ceiling feature that runs the length of the store is the focus of the site’s interior design. To fit this concept, white power track was used with Aglo’s spotlight fittings Wally and Cast. Using rectangular spotlights in addition to round spotlights avoids scalloping along wall bays, which creates an evenly illuminated wall from ceiling to floor. To light the entrance of the store 3800lm Polar downlights were installed which met the required lux level of 1400lx.

In addition to the Polar downlights used in the fitting rooms, LED strip within Stealth-4 corner extrusion provides illumination from behind the mirrors. This lighting is able to ‘fill in’ any unflattering shadows caused from the overhead light, and creates a much more pleasant experience for customers trying on garments.

Aglo also supplied Sirius LED battens for the back of house area and the illuminated emergency signage.

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Note: Since the time of writing, some products used on this project have been discontinued or replaced with Mondolux branded fittings.

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