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Intersport utilise Aglo Systems lighting design services and supply of LED light fittings



Intersport is a global sports retailer with 5500 stores in 44 countries operating on a franchisee model. Intersport Australia opened in 2014 with 37 stores, has already grown to 50 and aims be a leader in the Australian sporting retail market with 100 stores projected by 2019. For their Darwin store at Casuarina Square Shopping Centre, Intersport came to Aglo Systems for our lighting design services and premium LED fittings. Since then Aglo have provided lighting design services and light fittings for several other Intersport stores, consisting of new fit outs and lighting upgrades.


Aglo Systems worked closely with Intersport’s shopfitter Detail Retail to complete the project. The site’s interior design concept focuses on a curved dropped ceiling feature running the length of the store. The concept required high powered blue LED mounted in custom extrusions to enhance the ceiling feature. To create a full halo effect, this blue LED in extrusion was mounted to the top and bottom edges of the dropped ceiling, one pointing up and the other facing downwards. To be able to wrap the extrusion tightly around the ceiling curves, the extrusion was custom cut in multiple short lengths. The general lighting illuminating the walkways was also integrated into the ceiling feature. 14.4W Extro LED strip inserted into Stealth XLR Linear Extrusion was surface mounted into niches cut into the dropped ceiling.

The mixed height ceilings and curved shape of the dropped ceiling feature presented a challenge to our lighting designers. The solution required a combination of linear extrusion, downlights and tracklights to achieve an even illumination for the general lighting and accurate highlighting of the various displays. The tracklights were an alternating mix of Cast spotlights and Wally wallwashers. This ensured minimal scalloping on the walls with uniform illumination coverage. Two types of recessed downlights were used for general lighting and highlighting. The fully adjustable Pivo Midi snorkel downlight was positioned to emphasise particular displays and the tiltable Queens downlight used for general area lighting and the change rooms. These fittings were 4000K for a cool white colour and 90CRI for accurate merchandise colour representation.

Aglo Systems also supplied Sirius LED battons for the back of house area and the illuminated emergency signage.


Our lighting design met the Building Code of Australia (BCA) wattage per square metre regulations and also the shopping centre’s requirement of 1100lx levels for general lighting. The gondola display light levels met the clients brief at 2000lx. The store is bright and uniformly lit throughout with stand-out displays and is welcoming for customers.

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“We are very pleased with the service and product we have received from Aglo Systems. Working with the sales and lighting design departments is easy with clear communication and quick turnaround on lighting designs for each store. They provide innovative lighting design concepts and we find their fittings are competitively priced.”

Melissa Guthrie, Director – Detail Retail 

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