Architectural features at 85 Spring St

Bespoke architectural features at 85 Spring Street

85 Spring St was a concept for a 39-storey stacked concrete luxury apartment development in Melbourne.  The architectural design idea draws on the philosophy of ‘all design aspects coming together to form a complete work of art’. Aglo Systems worked with Bates Smart to create the artisan style luminaires and handles in the bathroom and kitchen of the sales suite.

The lamps required a variety of processes from spinning, to machining and general sheet metal folding. The lamp design concept was developed into two styles: a mirror mounted version for the bathroom and a pendant variation for the kitchen. The pendants included a hand-blown conical glass shade.

The bespoke crafted cabinet handles were fabricated from a single piece of stainless steel plate, cut, folded polished and plated.

We collaborated with combination of offshore and local suppliers, which resulted in the premium features pictured above.

We're a Casambi certified commissioning partner