The future of smart lighting control is wireless. We’re Australia’s newest Casambi certified commissioning partner, meaning we have the latest products, technical expertise and knowledge to assist you in all your wireless control requirements.

In the digitally-enabled environments we live and work, Casambi Smart Lighting Control delivers the most robust and future-proof wireless lighting control solution to support automation.

Casambi works for all your projects, no matter what the size. The non-invasive nature of the Casambi solution makes it perfect for retrofitting, as well as for new building projects.

Benefits of Casambi Lighting Control

•  Easy to use
•  Versatile light control
•  Low maintenance costs
•  Dynamic control with smart devices, switches/remote controls, motion and presence sensors
•  Saves energy consumption
•  Scalable- from the control of a single luminaire to control of a wide range of lighting systems
•  Secure and always up to date via cloud technology

Our services

If you’re looking to integrate wireless control into your next project we can assist you every step of the way – from brief to ongoing technical support we’ll work with you to deliver the best result for your project.

We have a highly qualified team, including engineers, lighting designers, product managers and a specialised Casambi commissioning partner, so you are guaranteed to receive a well-rounded solution for all briefs, no matter how big or small.

Our team can advise you about the latest Casambi products and technology whilst also completing the supply, setup and integration.

We’ll help to design your Casambi integration plan and will commission the entire ecosystem of Casambi products for you. We will set up your network for you, setting sensors and timers and programming your switches.

Training is provided for all team members to ensure that your new smart lighting system is used to its fullest potential.

Training options;
•  One on one
•  Group demonstrations

We make the world’s leading wireless lighting control solution, simple! Contact us for a free consultation and to discover more.

We're a Casambi certified commissioning partner