Sportscraft Macquarie Centre

Retail Store Lighting

Sportscraft Macquarie Centre NSW

Sportscraft was looking for a modern, minimalistic lighting scheme for their retail store at the Macquarie Centre in Sydney. To fulfil the brief, Aglo looked for lighting fittings that best showcased the clothing. Adjustable Glacier and Glacier Duo downlights were recessed into the ceiling throughout the shop. These fittings provided maximum ability to modify the angle of the lighting while not being visually obtrusive. Aglo also supplied Focus 75 downlights for general area lighting, Shopra spotlights for the window displays and custom made wall lights with glass shades for the changeroom area. Additionally, we placed linear extrusion under the shelving to bathe the hanging clothing with even more illumination.

We used a high CRI 95, which accentuated and represented the true colours of the clothing. 

Note: Since the time of writing, some products used on this project have been discontinued or replaced with Mondolux branded fittings.

We're a Casambi certified commissioning partner