Quest Value Hospitality Lighting Package

Enhancing Hospitality Ambience: The Perfect Hotel Lighting Package at Quest Burwood East

When creating the ideal ambience within a hospitality setting, lighting plays a pivotal role. At Aglo Systems, our Specialist Projects team, in collaboration with Acton Electrical and WSP, orchestrated a bespoke hotel lighting package that perfectly aligned with the unique requirements of Quest Burwood East. Focusing on the essence of hospitality lighting, our efforts seamlessly melded functionality and aesthetics, resulting in an unforgettable lighting experience for guests and staff.

Crafting an Aesthetic Blend

Our dedicated team delved into the intricacies of Quest Burwood East’s industrial and minimalist design aesthetic. We selected fittings that embraced circular, chrome, and monochromatic finishes to complement this unique charm. Our pursuit of perfection didn’t stop at our standard range; we went above and beyond, sourcing additional fittings that aligned seamlessly with the envisioned design.

Quest Burwood East: A Haven of Elegance and Comfort

The Hotel boasts diverse accommodations, including studios, one, two, and three-bedroom hotel-style apartments. It’s not just about providing a place to rest – Quest Burwood East is equipped with conference facilities, a business center, a modern gym, and an outdoor entertainment area. The need for versatile and tailored lighting solutions became paramount with such multifaceted spaces.

Casting Light on Excellence: Lighting Selections

The lighting choice for the bathrooms and general lighting areas fell on the Mondolux Benson Fixed Downlight. Its subtle illumination and sleek design seamlessly integrated with the ambience, enhancing the guests’ experience. Stepping into the Business Lounge and Reception area, the Mondolux Impact 5075 Suspended Linear LED Extrusion took centre stage, exuding sophistication and a contemporary allure.

The back-of-house areas received a premium upgrade with the Mondolux Sirius LED batten. This transformation elevated the existing lighting, embracing the power of premium LED technology. Furthermore, thanks to the low-glare deep baffle LED downlight, common areas and conference rooms became the epitome of comfort and style.

lluminating the Outdoors: Safety and Serenity

To ensure a secure outdoor environment, we provided pole-mounted Ilea Streetlights, casting a warm and inviting glow on streets and car park entrances. The pathways, trees, and building façades came alive under the artful guidance of bollards, uplights, and recessed wall lights, forging an enchanting outdoor landscape.

Hospitality Lighting Brilliance

At Aglo Systems, we pride ourselves on crafting experiences through lighting. The Quest Burwood East project was more than just assembling fixtures; it was about creating a tapestry of light that weaves through the tapestry of hospitality. The amalgamation of design, functionality, and innovation resulted in a hotel lighting package that meets and transcends expectations. In each room, each hallway, and every corner of Quest Burwood East, our hospitality lighting breathes life, character, and an unmistakable sense of welcome.


Image credit: Quest Apartments

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