Crown Perth Riverside Room Chandeliers

Bespoke Glass and Mirror Chandeliers adorn Crown Perth’s Riverside Gaming Room

Aglo Systems has worked with Crown Melbourne for over 5 years and was commissioned to engineer and manufacture the Riverside Gaming Room extension bespoke glass chandeliers and several other custom-built pieces for the new Crown Perth development. We worked in collaboration with Bates Smart, Red Design and Electrolight to deliver the project.

There were 13 individual chandeliers constructed from suspended glass tubes and mirror stainless steel canopies in various sizes ranging from 1.8m to 3m diameter. The glass tubes were extruded to achieve the desired profile and were arranged in alternating rings of clear and amber colours. One style of chandelier also had an intriguing arrangement of undulating waves of glass.

Each chandelier had LED downlights mounted into the canopy to give functional lighting to the gaming space as well as compact G9 LEDs positioned amongst the glass to create the eye-catching sparkle.

We're a Casambi certified commissioning partner