The Conservatory Custom Architectural Features

Decorative Screening manufactured for The Conservatory

Aglo Systems worked with Blainey North Interior Architects and Designers to manufacture the decorative metal screening for the Conservatory restaurant entrance at Crown Towers, Melbourne. The screens featured a combination of aluminium, glass, mirror and MDF. In an interview with My Property Report, Blainey North explained that:

“Conservatory makes guests feel like they have been instantly transported to London, Shanghai or New York during an era when craftsmanship and materials were revered and buildings and interiors were designed to endure and built to last”. Century-old craftsmanship techniques were employed in a modern context for the bespoke fittings throughout the space. In discussing her luxury projects North added, “Bespoke design, detail and attention to finish; this is what our clients pay for. Our rigour for detail and zest for luxury custom finishes is our point of difference when compared with work produced by other firms. Our interiors are constructed using the highest quality materials”.

Blainey North was awarded the Society of British Interior Design (SBID) International Design for Excellence Award 2013, contract Entertainment Category for the work on the Conservatory. This project is testimony of Aglo Custom team dedication to craftsmanship and detail in manufacturing customised fittings locally for high end clientele.

IMAGE:  George Apostolidis

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