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Big changes on the horizon for retail lighting compliance

The changes to the National Construction Code 2019 Part J6 aim to restrict the Illumination Power Density (IPD) for various spaces (expressed as Watts per square metre). These energy efficiency provisions significantly impact our clients, so it is vital that lighting designers, architects and specifiers gain a thorough understanding of the new rules.

The IPD allowance for retail spaces has been slashed to 14W/m2 down from 22W/m2 and back of house storage areas has been reduced significantly to 1.5W/m2 from 8W/m2. Retailers must abide by this code when considering their store interior design and brand guidelines for new store fit outs.

Sounds scary? Well it’s not. Our team of lighting designers will work with you to ensure these changes have minimal impact on your stores and in most cases an increased allowance for lighting can be achievable.

There are a number of adjustment factors which can be applied when checking that a project complies with NCC Part J6, such as the colour rendering index (CRI), colour temperature (CCT), room aspect ratio & the use of lighting control devices (dimmers & sensors). Some exemptions apply to the new NCC Part J6 requirements. These include Fixed Display Cases & Green Walls, where the lighting is solely used for indoor plant growth.

For new and refurbished projects, these changes will apply on 1 May 2020, however, they can be applied voluntarily between 1 May 2019 and 1 May 2020.

“Our team at Aglo are dedicated to ‘Continually Improving your lighting experience’, even when the going gets tough. Our team of designers and lighting professionals are equipped to guide you through these new requirements and ensure your project not only meets the new standards but accomplishes the desired lighting result.” Says Pat Galvin, Managing Director of Aglo Systems.

Contact our team to determine how the J6 IPD changes affect your project.

Written by James Gower, Aglo Systems Lighting Designer.

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