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Introducing Casambi Pro

Casambi’s latest innovation is set to streamline the setup and handling of complex wireless lighting projects.

Creativity is about breaking out of established patterns to look at things in a different way. This is the essence of Casambi Pro. By harnessing the power of visual comprehension, Casambi Pro empowers commissioners to pre-set the lighting configuration with confidence and then swiftly integrate them.

What is Casambi Pro?

Casambi Pro simplifies lighting control configuration for commissioners.  It provides lighting professionals a modern, scalable tool for effectively setting up and initiating Casambi-integrated lighting systems. The primary objective is to render the lighting setup and commissioning process more visual, agile, and straightforward.

The Aglo and Casambi Pro Process

Key Features of using Casambi Pro on your lighting project:

Casambi Pro offers the ability to handle the intricate settings prior to onsite commissioning, reducing the amount of time commissioners are required onsite.

Key Features of the planning software includes:

  • Scene setting: Create and save lighting scenes easily.
  • Tunable white: Achieve the perfect ambiance with adjustable white light.
  • Dimming: Adjust the brightness of lights with simplicity.
  • Switches and sensors: Incorporate control inputs smoothly.
  • Layouts, space templates, groups, controllers, and networks: Experience boundless adaptability in handling these components.
  • Scheduling: Set the timing and manner of light operations for both convenience and effectiveness.


Aglo is a certified commissioning partner in Melbourne and Queensland and is pleased to utilise Casambi Pro through the setup and handling of complex wireless lighting projects. Interested in Casambi for your commercial lighting project? Get in touch with us today to discuss your Casambi requirements, contact us for more information.

We're a Casambi certified commissioning partner