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Aglo Implements Game-Changing 9-Day Work Fortnight Trial: Promoting Balance, Well-Being and Embracing Flexibility


Spending quality time with your family, catching up on sleep, tackling appointments and life admin, enjoying long weekends, pursuing entrepreneurial ventures, engaging in creative endeavours, hitting the gym, socialising, and indulging in retail therapy. These are just a few of the things that the staff at Aglo, a leading commercial lighting supplier, will be able to enjoy as they embark on an innovative trial of a nine-day work fortnight, thanks to visionary Lucas Zumpolle; Managing Director – effective from June 19. This bold move signifies Aglo’s commitment to nurturing a productive and fulfilling work environment.

The 100:80:100 Model: Striking the Perfect Balance

In May, Aglo conducted a comprehensive Flexibility and Work Life Balance Survey, which returned an overwhelmingly positive response from staff, along with some fantastic ideas. The team driving this exciting initiative includes Trudy Mortaruolo, Operations Manager; Darren Allen, National Sales Director; and James Meikle, Custom Design and Manufacture Manager. Together, they provided their valuable perspectives on the management team’s contemplation of flexible work arrangements, highlighting both the potential benefits and drawbacks associated with such approaches. After careful deliberation, it was determined that a nine-day fortnight would be the optimal solution, aligning perfectly with Aglo’s workflow and collaborative culture.

Unlocking the Power of a Shorter Work Week

While it may seem counterintuitive at first glance, research has demonstrated the numerous benefits associated with a reduced work week, both for employees and employers alike. Embracing this change can alleviate stress and burnout, enhance work-life balance, and elevate overall job satisfaction. Simultaneously, organisations stand to gain from improved productivity, decreased absenteeism, and a more engaged and motivated workforce. By implementing the nine-day fortnight, Aglo showcases its unwavering dedication to promoting work-life balance and supporting the well-being of its valued staff members.

Introducing the “Well Day”: A Day to Recharge and Thrive

Within Aglo, the day off has been dubbed the “Well Day.” The concept behind this day is to provide employees with an opportunity to recharge their batteries and focus on their personal lives and interests. Aglo staff members are excited about the prospects this day holds for them. One of them said, “I can’t wait to have that extra time to reset and do something for myself!” Another team member shared their anticipation, emphasising the chance to feel inspired and immerse themselves in creative projects.

The Road to a Successful Transition

Trudy Mortaruolo shed light on the fact that, of course, certain logistical considerations have been meticulously addressed to ensure a smooth transition to the nine-day fortnight. It was of utmost importance to distribute workloads evenly and safeguard the high standard of customer service that Aglo is renowned for. However, Mortaruolo exudes confidence that with careful planning and clear communication, the organisation will seamlessly embrace the nine-day fortnight and reap the benefits it brings.

Assessing the Trial: Balancing Needs and Feedback

The Aglo team eagerly awaits the six-month trial period, during which ample time will be given to assess the effectiveness and impact of the new working arrangement. Mortaruolo emphasised that major issues will be diligently identified and addressed, allowing the program to be fine-tuned if necessary. To ensure a comprehensive evaluation, Happiness surveys will be conducted regularly using an anonymous online assessment tool. This way, Aglo can keep a finger on the pulse of its staff’s satisfaction and promptly address any difficulties.

A Promising Future: Making Flexibility Permanent

If the trial proves successful, the nine-day fortnight could become a permanent fixture at Aglo. The organisation actively encourages transparent conversations to ensure that this newfound flexibility benefits not only individual team members but also leaders, teams, and the business as a whole. Striking the perfect balance between personal well-being and professional growth is the cornerstone of Aglo’s vision for the future.

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