At Aglo Systems, we are driven by a strong environmentally conscious philosophy which informs all aspects of our lighting design and production.

Office Recycling

We are committed to protecting and improving the environment by recycling commonly used materials including waste paper, cardboard, kitchen waste, coffee grinds, paper towel, e-waste, batteries and soft plastics. Our head office in Dingley reduces energy usage in the office by turning off all appliances and managing climate control. 

We are a signatory to FluoroCycle, a scheme that aims to increase the recycling of lamps that contain mercury and reduce the amount of mercury entering the environment via landfill.

We are a signatory to ExitCycle, a scheme to reduce the amount of cadmium and lead entering the environment from end-of-life emergency and exit lighting batteries by continuously increasing the recycling of these batteries.

Customer Use

Long term thinking and behaviour are fundamental to our approach and will always be reflected in our energy efficient lighting plans so we can provide our customers with an energy saving design with high efficiency output. We encourage our customers to recycle end-of-life fittings and look to refurb current fittings where possible instead of replacing. 

Product Design

We have hand-picked the suppliers we work with to provide our customers with the latest, cutting edge technology. Within our Product Design process we review based on quality, lifespan and efficiency output.

Warehouse and Manufacturing Recycling

We follow standardised warehouse practises for reduced paper use, minimal packaging and recycled material packaging. Where possible, all incoming cardboard is reused for repackaging.

On a yearly basis, we review everything we do and make a plan to reduce our carbon footprint to make more sustainable decisions.