Architectural Ceiling Feature

Architectural Ceiling Feature at Eastland Shopping Centre 

Aglo was nominated by Probuild during a lengthy bid process to manufacture the architectural ceiling feature chandelier featured in the central mall area extension of Eastland Shopping Centre in Melbourne.

The aesthetic design concept of the non-illuminated ceiling feature was created by Buchan Group and spans over 500 square metres in area; 90 metres in length. It features suspended alternating anodised aluminium blades which reflects sunlight filtering through from the overhead skylights and becomes a moving light feature.

The engineered design, manufacture and onsite installation support was performed by Aglo Systems. The chandelier structure was engineered so all the pieces were manufactured from laser cut and folded aluminium sheetmetal, ensuring all locations were precise and consistent before welding. This also allowed a competitive price due to the manufacturing automation, fast assembly and installation.

The suspended supporting structure was a framework of thin powder coated sheetmetal, which was engineered to display only a subtle presence above the blades.

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