Custom Food Court Bench Lamps

Aglo Systems manufactured custom food court bench lamps for Chadstone Shopping Centre’s food court



Chadstone Shopping Centre is a shopping centre located in Melbourne and is the biggest shopping centre in Australia. Chadstone Shopping Centre underwent a redevelopment worth $660 million, being completed at the end of 2016.


Working in conjunction with Consulight and Electrolight, Aglo Systems’ Custom Design department developed and manufactured custom food court lamps for the communal eating benches in the newly renovated Chadstone food court.

The lamps are made of aluminium with a powder coated finish and include an LED light source. Manufacturing processes included spinning and welding of the aluminium. These materials were used to insure the lamps were durable for use in a public space. Aglo’s Custom Manufacturing team worked closely with the cabinet maker to be able to integrate the light cabling and drivers within the bench. For this project a total of 27 lamps were produced.  

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