Organoid natural surfaces are decorative coatings characterised by their organic and natural appearance. Thanks to a gentle production process, the natural features of scent, color and texture are preserved.

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Organoid natural surfaces are decorative coatings characterised by their organic and natural appearance. They consist of natural materials grown and gathered from the hillsides of the Wildspitze, the highest mountain in Tyrol, Austria. They are then mixed with an ecological binding agent before being carefully pressed to form a thin layer onto wooden substrate, flexible liners & materials, papers and self-adhesive films. The applications for combining these natural materials with a carrier substrate are practically limitless. Usage application examples include woodworking and cabinetry; interior decoration; room acoustics; 3D moulding; product design; light planning, and architectural features.


Alpine hay, hop cones, cornflower blossoms, stone-pine needles and nearly any natural substance can be combined with our carrier materials in order to achieve the necessary specifications. In order to meet high standards of water, scratch, light and abrasion resistance, Organoid surfaces can be sealed with conventional oils and varnishes.

Distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Aglo Systems.

Natural surfaces can be specified for different requirements:

  • Color
    e.g. RAL 9004
  • Origin
    e.g. from personal chocolate production
  • Mechanical properties
    e.g. highly flexible or translucent

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