A well-lit project can make a vast impact on the overall user experience. It is not just about visual comfort but also how each area can be enhanced by lighting, to make it inspiring, emotive or engaging. Well planned commercial lighting design drives sales and improves OH&S.

Lighting Design Is Both A Science And An Art Form.

Aglo Systems’ lighting designers will collaborate with your architects and/or interior designers to create a brief covering the lighting requirements and design intent. They will also discuss the desired ambience and working environment to gain a full understanding of the type of space before designing the lighting plan.

We can provide out-of-the-box concepts to achieve desired outcomes: from an even and balanced illumination across the site, to using lighting for emphasis and decoration. We aim for an optimum illumination for the lowest power consumption that meets the lighting design brief and regulations.

The requirements for energy efficient commercial lighting design are covered by section J6 of the Building Code of Australia, which defines a maximum wattage per square metre for specific lighting tasks. The Australian Standards provide recommended illumination levels for particular spaces.

As part of the design process, we provide comprehensive reports and visuals to illustrate the proposed lighting effect. We calculate the expected light output and distribution and prove that the design complies with BCA regulations and Australian Standards.

Our Lighting Design Services Include:

  • Lighting consultation
  • Lighting design concepts & plans
  • Product sourcing
  • Australian Standards & BCA compliance
  • Light angling service

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