Harrison Wilson studied a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor of Commerce at Monash University, at Clayton. Lifelong interests in designing and creating products along with physics and human sciences led him to study the double degree. Harrison draws from these different modes of thinking and making to create his designs. He takes inspiration from a variety of forms including nature, artwork, existing features, a spontaneous idea or out of necessity. Most of his designs start from a very basic shape, which is used to create a 3D concept and evolves into a practical design. When designing, he aims to produce an inspired, unique idea or if working on a specific custom project -meet the client’s requirements to ensure their vision is achieved. His favourite material to work with is steel due to its usability in the welding process, possessing considerable strength and simple, painted finish can create great visual effects.

His portfolio includes collaborating and engineering custom lighting for Queen’s Place Tower, Melbourne and The Commons, Cremorne. His favourite piece is a custom linear planter light at The Commons where the end result finish matches in with the interior décor perfectly and the plants complete the visual aspect of the feature.

Design Engineer

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Harrison Wilson


Harrison Wilson