Ben van der Linde studied Engineering (Mechanical) at RMIT and grew up in Dingley Village, Melbourne. Ben’s background spans from his love of building and creating things from custom robotic machinery, hardware and consumer products to now – lighting. Ben received an Australian Design Award and 3 Australian Design Marks, an IDEA award and an American Design Award awarded as part of team when he worked within hardware. He was listed as one of Australia’s Top 10 inventors in relation to patents being granted.

His diverse portfolio includes collaborating and engineering custom lighting and architectural features within spaces such as 5-star Hotels, Casinos entries and high roller areas to heritage listed buildings and museums. Ben views his projects as an opportunity to solve the manufacturing puzzle – “how will we build it and be able to install it”? His aim is to achieve the desired look with a simple, elegant product that is serviceable.

National Custom Relationship Manager

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Ben van der Linde


Ben van der Linde