Customised LED sports lighting solutions for large spaces including tennis courts, sporting fields and arenas, public parks, car yards through to commercial spaces.

Aglo Systems has developed a range of energy efficient sports lighting & area lighting fixtures which lead the world in performance.  Lighting  plays a major role in any sporting venue and its atmosphere.  We help create a welcoming ambience and clear visibility to enhance visitor experience and keep sports fans coming back, whilst achieving worldwide lux lighting standards.

We have a team of professional certified lighting engineers to service the smallest or largest sporting venue, ensuring the correct lighting to match customer needs.  We have the expertise in lighting design and the products to transform goals into effective solutions, whether it is helping players seeing more clearly on the field or enhancing the big-match experience. For commercial areas and car yards we provide lighting solutions that achieve greater security, safety and effectively illuminate product.

We have a wide selection of LED lighting products to choose from with comprehensive warranties and can arrange installation to ensure piece of mind. With enhanced directional floodlighting technology, we meet light pollution requirements and minimise light spill to neighbouring properties. We have worked with many premier sporting and outdoor venues and achieved optimal outcomes, so we have the capability and expertise to make your facility the absolute best it can be.

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