Aglo provides lighting design solutions for retail and industrial environments throughout Australia. To see many of our retail, commercial and industrial lighting design and installation projects click here.

Efficient Solutions to Improve the Quality of your Lighting

Our designers come from a wide range of design disciplines with a solid understanding of the latest in lighting technologies, offering our clients the best in energy efficient lighting solutions from around the world. Every project we design is accompanied with a BCA calculation which takes into account the allocated wattage per square metre and the specific requirements of individual lighting tasks.

Free LED Comparison

LED innovations are often used in our designs to ensure energy savings and long life solutions. We can easily show you how much energy and maintenance costs you can save by converting your existing lighting design to incorporate LED fittings. We offer a free LED comparison (with Dialux, if requested) based on an existing design to explain the savings in practice. Contact us for more information or a free LED comparison for your project.

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3D Rendering of your Lighting Design

A complex lighting design or client specific request may make measuring and presenting your lighting design in 3D necessary. We convert your floor plan CAD files (from architect or shopfitter) to 3D using Dialux software to measure the lux levels in all areas of the illuminated space. Thus we can ensure that all levels comply with BCA standards, and give the best lighting result.

Examples of a 3D lighting design shown from different viewpoints:

Retail Shop Lighting Design 3D

Light Calculation Modelling - Dialux

The use of 3D light calculation modelling is another service available to our clients to provide a virtual representation of the project, along with the expected light output and distribution achieved. When used in conjunction with a false colour render, we ensure that key areas of a design are addressed and specific project requirements are met.

Dialux is lighting calculation software for professional light planning. The Dialux program is independent from lighting manufacturers and therefore provides an overall image of the lighting scheme. It is important to achieve desired levels along with meeting Australian Standards, and meet the aims of the lighting design, in regards to uniformity or contrast as desired by the client.

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