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Retail Store Lighting & Design

Aglo Systems has a proven track record working with many leading retailers, shopfitters, architects, designers, builders, and electrical contractors producing the latest in Retail Store Lighting & Design

Lighting plays a huge part in consumer behaviour and has a big influence on whether a product is purchased from your store. Optimal lighting performance within your retail space can create an enhanced customer experience and encourage strong purchasing behaviour. As retail lighting specialists, we understand the unique requirements to illuminate shopfront displays, wall-bay displays, merchandise tables, entry portal and circulation areas.

As part of our lighting design process in a retail store we have developed five essential steps aimed at maximising product engagement: 

  1. Lighting consultation: In the early stages of designing a retail store, it is essential for our team to review the store’s layout, architecture, and design in relation to lighting design and luminaire selection, as well as the client’s objectives and desired ambience. 
  2. Lighting design and concept: Our team will create a unique lighting concept that matches your brand identity and products and works in with the project objectives. Our concept includes a 3D render, illuminance levels and a reflective ceiling plan.
  3. Product sourcing: Selection and sourcing of suitable products to meet the lighting design concept, considering factors such as installation, lifespan, maintenance, and energy savings. 
  4. Luminaire Schedule: We provide a lighting schedule that considers the above points, the client’s budget, timelines, availability, and overall goals.
  5. Get expert help: We pride ourselves on providing a retail lighting solution that is tailored to your store, adapts to your conditions, and showcases your brand identity.
  6. Post-installation aiming service: As an additional service within our package, our expert team can ensure all luminaires are aimed appropriately and in accordance with our lighting design.

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