Royal Melbourne Tennis Club

Energy Efficient Sports Lighting

One of Australia’s oldest and prestigious sporting clubs has replaced its current sports lighting with an LED energy efficient lighting system.

Aglo worked closely with the board of the Royal Melbourne Tennis Club to create a high quality lighting installation and advised on the best lighting solutions for each area. We started at the main focal point of the club – the Tennis Court. By upgrading the old metal halide surface mounted flood lights to our 200W LED Galaxy highbays, we were able to reduce the amount of lighting fittings and wattage, which vastly improved the light output.

The lighting  on the courts, with skylights, are constantly operating (15 hours a day, 7 days a week), so the lighting levels had to be adequate for play during both day and night. In addition to setting suitable brightness levels, we utilised prismatic reflectors to create a glare free environment.

Stage two of the lighting fit out comprised of a combination of track mounted Point-Mini spotlights, recessed dimmable Fuji downlights, T8 LED Auriga tubes, and LED Lumo panels. All the commercial lighting fixtures were premium products and incorporated LED sources from CREE. On top of the savings from the LED upgrade we also incorporated dimmable drivers, which allowed the lights to run at a lower capacity when needed.

Note: Since the time of writing, some products used on this project have been discontinued or replaced with Mondolux branded fittings.

“I have waited until the World Championship is over to write with a critique on the installation of new lights in the Club.


Firstly, may I say it has proved to be a very beneficial decision on our part to move to LED and secondly to have selected Aglo Systems to carry out this upgrade.  You and your team have done an outstanding job, the work ethic shown and the will at all times to ‘get it right’ was evident from the beginning. Given the complexity of the design, in particular proving exacted and consistent LUX was always going to be a challenge on these courts; your people responded to changes with grace and understanding. I think we worked very well together to complete to installation in harmony. 


As for comments and opinion since; the world champion announced that RMTC courts were ‘without doubt the best in the world”. Two of our leading players feel that the corners of the court, where the ball come in very low and fast, were now much improved by the new lights and thus found it easier to shape the return shot. Older members have said they have benefited from the quality of light and the consistency of same. 


On behalf of the committee and members of the club I thank you for all you have done to for fill a difficult contract. I add my congratulation. I would be happy to act as a referee for Aglo Systems at any time.”


Andrew F Buckle OAM
Chairman, Buildings, House & Grounds