Outdoor sports store LED lighting upgrade

Mountain Designs improves lighting quality and reduces operating costs with an LED store lighting upgrade



Mountain Designs is an outdoor clothing and accessory store based in Australia with over 36 stores nationwide. Aglo Systems has supplied light fittings and lighting deigns to approximately 30 of these stores in the two years we have worked with the company. Our work on these stores are a combination of lighting upgrades and new store rollout lighting.

The before and after photos shown here are of the Bondi, NSW site. This store was due for a lighting upgrade. The overall lux levels in the store were significantly low, due to metal halide downlights and fluoro panels which had gradually dimmed over time. There was a poor shopper experience with dark changerooms, uneven lighting of displays, insufficiently illuminated gondolas and signage with an overall dark atmosphere.


Our new lighting design involved replacing the existing lighting with premium LED fittings. The current light positioning and ceiling cutouts were retained. Where the original cut outs were too large for the replacement fitting, we manufactured larger, custom-made trims to ensure that the cutouts were fully concealed by the trim on each light fitting.

Around this site, 38x Metal Halide downlights were replaced with a combination of Fuji, Hubble and Comet downlights; 30x 2x36W recessed fluoro panels were exchanged with LED panels and
4x 2x36W Fluoro battens were upgraded with LED battens. The front window display required additional lighting to improve the look of the store frontage. Here, our lighting designers specified the installation of track mounted Frost spotlights All new fittings have a cool white colour temperature of 4000K and high CRI 90 to ensure accurate colour representation and crisp whites.

Aglo’s Lighting Upgrades department arranged the installation of the fittings at site and also organised the IPART ESS Government rebate which was provided as an upfront discount.


In upgrading to energy efficient, long life LED shop lighting Mountain Designs saves over $3,673 annually in reduced power usage and maintenance for this 298m2 store. This amounts to an energy saving of 50.4%. The lux levels throughout the main retail area have been improved by 50%, which now measure an average of 1200lx. The store now looks bright, has a welcoming feel and gives a much-improved experience for shoppers and staff.

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