Commercial Lighting Supply


When we commence working on a lighting design plan for the hospitality industry, the following factors are considered to create a warm and welcoming environment: 

  1. Influence Mood: There are many components to consider in lighting to influence the mood of your guests. For example, within a hospitality environment well-positioned lights encourage positive feelings, lighting that adjusts at night allows guests to have a more restful sleep and selection of LED lights mimics natural daylight. 
  2. Activate the Senses: Great lighting exhilarates your guests’ senses where for example exquisite entrees and decadent desserts can be much more appetizing with proper light levels and colours. Extravagant rooms with premium beddings and stylish furniture can be presented in the best way possible. Bad lighting can make the hospitality environment dining, décor and atmosphere less appealing. 
  3. Provide convenience: The hospitality industry is shifting towards technology-based lighting systems rapidly. It is important that the lighting within the hospitality environment is able to be adapted to suit the guests needs and provide convenience. This is particularly important for guest rooms where lighting requirements such as working, getting ready, reading a book or relaxing should be available easily. Guests will certainly notice the convenience of good lighting when they find accommodation that does provide it. 

The right lighting provides the hospitality environment with a bright and friendly atmosphere – creating the perfect stay or dining experience. The wrong light can ruin the room aesthetic and throw off the atmosphere. Hospitality lighting trends are forever evolving and new creative methods are constantly being developed to make the space stand out. With the help of an effective lighting design, along with incorporating the right lighting fixtures can truly revamp the entire aura and make a space look inviting. This is particularly important for the hospitality industry where ambience plays a vital role in attracting guests/diners.